GIFs are great. We all love moving pictures, amirite? It's like being at Hogwarts or something. Giphy, a leader in the 'shareable GIFs' space, has an Android app, but unfortunately it doesn't allow for GIFs to be used anywhere on your phone or tablet. That's where Plughy comes in.

Plughy plugs into (geddit?) the accessibility options on Android, allowing GIFs to be used anywhere. How do I summon up a GIF, I hear you ask? It will be a familiar experience to anyone who uses Slack - just type "/giphy [words to describe gif];". Important to note there is a semi-colon after the words - this is presumably to close the Giphy/Plughy command (thus also making it compatible with Slack and the like). It will then be automatically converted to a Giphy URL. It works well, and definitely something I can see myself using, although only with certain people.

The app is available on the Play Store now and can be used on anything running Android 4.0 and up.

Plughy - The GIF plugin
Plughy - The GIF plugin
Developer: Piot Apps
Price: Free