Those of you who have to frequently deal with conference call meetings have probably faced more than one where an access code or a passcode was required to let them in. It's a security measure that helps the host make sure that no unwanted guests will sneak in, but it usually ends up being a pain in the butt of those who have been officially invited and who often have to scramble around looking for that passcode and curse for having to manually dial it in each time.

Google Calendar is about to make things a lot easier for invitees. When the passcode or meeting ID is detected in the event's location or notes field, it will offer to automatically dial it for you, saving you from hunting down the passcode and memorizing it then manually entering it. It's smarter and less cumbersome.


Or as Artem described this when he first got the announcement, "this feature is literally the best thing since Android came out." I'm not sure I agree with such a strong sentiment, but he's the boss, so I'm just transcribing his words and nodding along to keep my job. I'm told there's a secret room where he tortures every writer who dares question his hyperbolic statements with continuous force close pop-ups and forever spinning loading animations. That terrifies me.

The change should show up in an update to the Google Calendar app in the next few days. We'll make sure we let you know when we have an APK ready.

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