Jimmy Fallon is a funny man. He makes people laugh in a host of different ways. He plays hilarious games with celebrities, makes people look silly in street interviews, and sometimes, he invites famous musicians on his show to make ridiculous music. Every once in awhile he even sings himself!

Is it sweet, beautiful music? Eh... maybe (not really). Is it funny music? Definitely. What makes it even better is that it's now free music (normally $10.49). You read that right, Jimmy Fallon's album, Blow Your Pants Off (Deluxe Version), is free on Google Play Music.

In the album you'll find gems, such as: History of Rap (feat. Justin Timberlake), The Doors Sing Reading Rainbow, Tebowie, and You Spit When You Talk. I actually really dig the doors version of Reading Rainbow. If LaVar ever brings Reading Rainbow back, he should seriously use The Doors rendition – it's like the original version of the song after a wash in an acid bath. Way better.

To see the complete list of tracks and to download a free copy of the album for yourself, follow the link below.