Hey, Google just released a new app. This is usually the sort of thing you, as Android users, are interested in. This time is a little different, though. Google has released Gboard, a keyboard for iPhone with built-in search. Why are we talking about an iPhone app? Because you can bet something similar will come to Android soon enough.

Google has put together a demo video of Gboard in the same style it used recently for Tap to Translate and Google Now on Tap.

Just hit that Google button, and you (not technically you, but an iPhone user) can do a search and see results right there in the keyboard. It saves you from needing to hop into a different app just to search for something. It can pull up images, addresses, and anything else that you can find through Google.

A Googler has noted that it is working on the best way to bring the same functionality to Android. We did just get a huge Google Keyboard update, so maybe that was laying the groundwork.

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