Yesterday we reported on a rumor that Google would unveil a new "Android VR" platform at Google I/O next week, along with a standalone headset. Today we're seeing what looks like additional evidence. Folks who sign into the Google Play Developer Console are seeing Android VR alongside Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto.

No, it's not a mirage. The icon has appeared in the Pricing & Distribution area. Clicking doesn't do anything yet, unlike the other platforms. The current icon is the same as that of Android Wear, which suggests that this is only a placeholder for now — that, plus further confirmation of Google's upcoming plans.

Previous evidence comes in the form of rumors, a Google I/O schedule containing plenty of VR sessions, a reference in the latest Unreal Engine preview, and tweets from Peter Rojas such as this one.

So if you love VR, it looks like you're going to have something to be very excited about come next week.

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  • Mark Spiteri