Infamous and, most-often times correct, Twitter personality Evan Blass, holder of the twitter handle @evleaks and knower of all things mobile and secret, has just tweeted a new rumor about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6. According to the leakster, the Note 6 will be released in the US the week of August 15th. Here's the tweet for you to see with your very own eyes.

This should be welcome news to those of you who are pining for a new Slab-O-Samsung that one-ups the S7 with perhaps a bigger screen, beefier internals, more stylus action, or maybe even a USB Type-C port. The rumor certainly seems reasonable considering the Note 5 launched at more or less the same time last year.

I'm sure there will be more rumors, speculation, and perhaps even some blurry photos (yeah baby) as we near the heart of summer and the launch of Samsung's latest phabulous phablet. We'll be here to write about them, so stay tuned.