Instagram is ditching its standard retro camera icon. In its place is a new hyper-colorful icon with a simpler representation of the camera. The company's other app icons are getting a similar makeover, and the simplified UI we first glimpsed a few weeks ago is official as well.

As with all things design, the new icon will be divisive. I actually rather like the simpler camera shape compared to the realistic design of the old one. The colors are a bit much, but I might be okay with them eventually. As you can see above, Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse are all getting more colorful, simple icons. Though, not as colorful as Instagram.


The slimmed down UI that started making its way out to some users recently is official now as well. The toolbar at the bottom is more subtle with a gray/white/black theme. It also leaves more room for content around the UI. This is still a server-side change, so installing the new app from APK Mirror is only guaranteed to get you the updated icon. You'll have to wait on the new UI if you don't see it already.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free