Google Photos 1.20 has started rolling out, bringing with it the second social feature for the platform: comments in shared albums and photos, plus smart suggestions for relevant additions to a shared album.

Commenting is for either individual photos or an entire album. Cody already found evidence of it in his Photos v1.16 teardown, so it's not a total surprise it's turned up now. When enabled through an album's sharing options (the feature is off by default), there will be a button on the footer when viewing a photo, or "add a comment" is added at the bottom of an album. There's comment deletion, as you would expect, and a 'copy text' action too. Comments can also be reported for abuse. Like Cody expected, there is currently no editing - you either delete or leave it, there's no middle ground. When someone else comments on a photo or album, the owner will get a notification.

Screenshot_20160512-013545 Screenshot_20160512-013453

Left: an album with a comment. Right: an individual photo with a comment.

Regarding smart suggestions, if you are viewing someone else's shared album and Google thinks you could add a relevant photo, it will tell you this. I personally couldn't get it working, though; it's probably one of those features which will pop up only occasionally.

• Comment on photos in shared albums
• Add your photos to a received shared album in one tap with smart suggestions
• Device folder performance improvements


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