If you're curious about what has changed in the latest round of factory images for the Nexus family, there aren't many better ways to see the bare details than to browse through the changes exactly as they are written in the Android Open Source Project. We've generated changelogs from the available code commits from the latest round of updates. So far, this only includes the MOB30G-MOB30J builds, but the rest should be coming soon.

May's changelogs are pretty brief, owing basically all of their contents to the security-related fixes. In fact, of the currently available changelogs, it's only r40 (MOB30G) that contains anything of substance. The rest (r41-r43) only change build numbers. When the three remaining builds are uploaded to AOSP, we'll generate changelogs for them and update this article.

All of the changelogs have been posted

Code drops to AOSP aren't always completed in a particularly timely fashion, but it looks like everything is finally posted for the May security updates. Changelogs have been generated and they're ready for curious eyes. This includes the late addition of MMB30H, another factory image for the 2013 Nexus 7 Mobile which appeared after the first batch.

Added May 3rd
MOB30G - android-6.0.1_r30 –> android-6.0.1_r40 (Nexus Player, Nexus 9 Wi-Fi & LTE)
MOB30H - android-6.0.1_r40 –> android-6.0.1_r41 (Nexus 5)
MOB30I - android-6.0.1_r41 –> android-6.0.1_r42 (Nexus 6)
MOB30J - android-6.0.1_r42 –> android-6.0.1_r43 (Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi & Mobile)

Added May 5th
MTC19T - android-6.0.1_r22 –> android-6.0.1_r25 (Nexus 6P and 5X)
MXC89F - android-6.0.1_r18 –> android-6.0.1_r32 (Pixel C)

Added May 11th
MMB30G - android-6.0.1_r20 –> android-6.0.1_r26 (Nexus 6)
MMB30H - android-6.0.1_r26 –> android-6.0.1_r27 (Nexus 7 2013 Mobile)