Live wallpapers might not be as impressive or common as they once were, but fans of the Fallout universe might want to give this one a look. Bethesda and NVIDIA joined forces to create a nifty Fallout 4 bobblehead live wallpaper. It's free and it works on all devices.

For those not familiar with the Fallout games (why are you reading this?), bobbleheads are hidden throughout the world that increase your stats when found. They've become an iconic part of Fallout. The wallpaper places five of these bobbleheads on a workbench with some Nuka-Cola bottles and other assorted Fallout junk. You can pick any five bobbleheads manually or let the wallpaper randomize.

This live wallpaper rotates the scene as you swipe through your home screen and uses the accelerometer to make the bobbleheads bobble. I'm not sure how it'll affect the battery, but it's neat.

Fallout® 4 Live Wallpaper
Fallout® 4 Live Wallpaper
Developer: NVIDIA
Price: Free