Koush's Vysor is pretty cool: a way to see your Android screen on a computer, using a Chrome extension. This is great for using an Android app on your desktop PC, or for developers debugging apps. Previously, Vysor's 'Share' feature has worked between two people who have both had Vysor installed. Now, however, you can share with anyone, even if they do not have Vysor.

Simply press share on Vysor's control panel, and the link will be automatically copied to the computer's clipboard. All that's needed then is that link to be pasted to the intended recipient, who can then view the phone or tablet in Chrome or Firefox. Users can control the device that's being shared, plus install and debug apps through ADB. The new sharing abilities could be particularly useful for people who are having trouble with Android - I'm thinking grandparents and the like - or for pairs of developers who need to debug a feature on other devices.

This is one thing I love about Android: really cool apps and accomplishments in software that no other OS can lay claim to. Absolutely brilliant. Grab the Chrome extension from the Web Store here - the Vysor APK will be installed on your Android phone or tablet automatically upon connecting to Vysor.