Why go anywhere? That's the question some people find themselves asking as Google Street View comes to more places. Google lets you explore Machu Picchu, view the inside of sports arenas, visit historic locations all across Thailand, and check out the Batcave. Now the service is ready to show you some of the most stunning corners of Argentina.

Yes, I'm following up Batman's lair with a South American country. That's because the real world offers beauties as captivating as any our imaginations can dream up. The waterfalls in the Parque Nacional Iguazú surround you with mist as you walk a murky trail you could easily picture in any RPG. Viewing the Perito Moreno Glacier is like getting to the ice level you expect to encounter 30 hours into the game.

So sit back in your chair, lean forward into your phone, and let Argentina's wonders take your mind on a journey.

Google Street View
Google Street View
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