On the list of manufacturers with fun and quirky commercial spots, LG doesn't usually come near the top. As far as I can recall, it has always served functional videos, but that strategy wouldn't fly with the "Play" theme of the G5. So it was that Jason Statham, the badass actor who can make your heart drop to your knees with a frown, was cast as the face of the G5 and a sort of psychedelic commercial was born with Jason's face plastered across all the main characters and background actors.

The commercial, which premiered less than 2 months ago, got super popular. LG says it has garnered over 36M views across different platforms and social networks (3.5M on YouTube) and it's now ready to let you peek behind the curtain at the making of.

The idea was to imagine what "Play" would be inside Jason Statham's head, which if you ask me is a terrifying question to ask and one I wouldn't want to dwell over. Thus was born this funky world of body doubles, wardrobe changes, different masks for background actors, bull replicas, motion control techniques, various LG Friends strewn everywhere, and more. All in all, it looks like everyone had a lot of fun shooting this commercial, even if it took more work than play to finish.