With the end easing of the Cuban embargo, T-Mobile is looking to expand its services to the island. As the company points out, it has many customers of Cuban descent, and they'll soon have more options when calling or visiting the country. This is thanks to a new deal with Cuban carrier Empresa De Telecomunicaciones De Cuba, S.A. (ETECSA).

For those placing calls to Cuba from their T-Mobile phones, the per-minute rate will go down dramatically. All you need is the $15 per month Stateside International Talk feature on your plan, and calls to Cuba are $0.60 per minute. That's 65% less than the current rate.

The roaming deal will go into effect this summer, allowing you to take a T-Mobile phone to Cuba and use voice, SMS, and data. However, the functionality probably won't be what you're used to. ETECSA doesn't have LTE, and the only 3G band available is 2100MHz (band 1). Not all T-Mobile phones have that particular frequency. The specifics of the roaming deal aren't available yet, but presumably it will be part of the 140+ countries with no additional fees.