The Google+ team has been actively working on both the mobile apps and the web version of its service for a few months since the last major revamp, but there's one feature that has been promised since February 24 that is yet to be available to us.

In version 7.3, Luke Wroblewski (ie the Google+ man) announced a new feature that would filter notifications by All, Unread, and Other. The filter drop down never showed up in version 7.3 and we had to wait until v7.6 that was released on April 6 to see a glimpse of it. It was short-lived though and the change was taken away by a server-side switch quickly thereafter.

That literally (no) broke the heart of our big boss, Artem, who has to deal with hundreds of Google+ notifications every day through his personal account and the Android Police one. Yikes. I understand his frustration though — Google+ notifications are a horrible mess and this filter was supposed to make things more manageable. So as the defendant of forgotten features and the soldier of misrepresented Google+ fans, he took to Google+ (where else?) to voice his exasperation. He got an answer from the G+ man himself on his original thread:

+Artem Russakovskii it's available on iOS but we have some bigger changes we need to make to enable it on Android. These take time.
+Artem Russakovskii we've run a few tests since then but yes not ready for a full scale launch yet.
+Total Security you think we don't care because we ship new features? Sorry but sometimes there's unforeseen issues. Were equally frustrated that this is not live yet.

That isn't really satisfying. It does answer our main concern though: the feature hasn't been scrapped off, the rollout has faced issues so it's still a work in progress. But how long that progress is going to take is anyone's guess.