Lenovo Tech World is taking place on June 9th in San Francisco. There wasn't much reason to care about Tech World last year, but this time there will be at least one big announcement. The company pre-announced its upcoming Tango phone at CES, and this is where we'll get the specifics. The website also mentions Moto, indicating we could get something official about the upcoming Motorola devices.

Lenovo's Tango phone will be the first consumer device equipped with the position and orientation sensors Google has been working on for the last few years. Thus far, only a few expensive developer devices have been available with Tango. The phone is expected to be in the phablet size range with a Qualcomm chip. The Tango hardware will allow for indoor navigation, measurements, and indoor mapping that other phones just aren't capable of.

The announcement of Tech World also mentions Moto: "Watch Moto transform mobile in a snap." Interesting. We've seen leaks of several upcoming Motorola devices. Maybe we'll see the new Moto G or Moto X at the event as well. The June date would be right on time for a Moto G refresh, but a little early for the Moto X.