There's this thing Google does with app updates. Or rather, maybe I should say doesn't do. And that's tell us what has actually changed.

You see, Google likes to roll updates out in stages. This makes sense. If there's a problem with an update, the company can halt the rollout without impacting as many people.

The thing is, Google doesn't typically update the changelog until the rollout is complete and everyone has received the latest version. This is a process that can take a couple of weeks.

Users who receive the update early on have to guess what's new, or come to us and hope that we've already done so (which we often do using the help of our readers—it's a very circular process). Google can save all of us some head-scratching.

How? By doing what it just did with Google Analytics. The latest version of the app pops up a "What's New" dialog and actually provides a detailed and updated changelog.

Screenshot_20160509-130930 Screenshot_20160509-130936

With the new changelog available inside the app, we don't have to wait for Google to update the Play Store page. Early receivers get to know what's changed without confusing the folks that haven't gotten the goods yet.

As far as we know, this is the only Google app that does this. Other developers do this sometimes, and it makes us happy when they do.

Google, please do this more often. Thanks.

As for that Google Analytics update, you can get it from APK Mirror.