If you're an owner of a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on Verizon, you'll want to check for an update tomorrow. According to the carrier, an OTA is on the way and there looks to be more than just bug fixes and security patches. According to the support documents, here's a list of what we can expect:

  • Security patches, though we aren't sure if it'll be May's or one from a previous month, but since the phones are currently on February's security update, anything will be a welcome addition.
  • A pop-up reminder to close your SIM/SD card tray if you left it open.
  • A shortcut has been added to Application Manager to give you easier access to memory statistics for individual apps.
  • Easier instructions on how to enable and disable the always-on screen mode.
  • When traveling outside your time zone, the dual clock on the always-on screen will now show the current time under "roaming."
  • New hints in the Smart Switch app.
  • On-screen messages during video calls when switching between Wi-Fi and cellular.
  • Better connection to network extenders.
  • Fixed a sync bug with Outlook email when the phone is in power-saving mode.
  • Fixed a multiple popup bug in Milk Music.
  • Eliminated multiple SD card popup notifications.

always-on-displayapp-manager sim-card-popup

The new firmware is G930VVRU2APD2 for the Galaxy S7 and G935VVRU2APD2 for the Galaxy S7 Edge. We're not sure how big the update is since it hasn't officially dropped yet. Happy updating!

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