Music is great, but what if you want some pretty pictures with your tunes? ProjectM is a good option for music visualization, but the UI looked pretty old-fashioned until now. A new update adds Chromecast support as well as a more modern material-ish UI.

Here's the changelog for ProjectM v4.22.

  • Chromecast support
  • Material Design
  • Big fixes [Did he mean "big" or "bug?"]

This app has very little UI, but what there was of it was straight out of holo in the last version. Now there's a tweaked nav menu, tool bar, and settings that are more in-line with material design. Parts of the app still look a bit awkward, though. You can see some screens of the old version below. The Chromecast support beams your audio and visualizations to a TV, which is a cool extra. However, you need to have the full version ($2.99 via in-app purchase) to do that.

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The old app