Uncharted is one of the signature franchises on the PlayStation, and it's about to extend to the PS4 with its (allegedly) final entry, Uncharted 4. Surprisingly it hasn't come to Android or any other mobile platform until now. Uncharted: Fortune Hunter eschews the third-person shooting and Hollywood set pieces of the main series in favor of some rather basic puzzles, in the same vein as Hamilton's Great Adventure. It's free in the Play Store.

In Fortune Hunter, hunky protagonist Nathan Drake progresses through a series of tile-based stages by solving puzzles that mostly rely on logic, sequence, and direction. It's nothing mind-blowing, but fans of the series will probably get a kick out of seeing their hero in a new setting. The 3D graphics are stylized and attractive, almost as if someone tried to apply the smooth, cartoony aesthetic of Disney Infinity to the realistic Uncharted universe. Sadly there's no voice acting, so some of the series' signature snark is lost in translation.

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The game comes with 200 levels, all accessible for free. There is a dual-currency system used for unlocking costumes and other goodies, but it doesn't seem to be overly punitive, and in-app purchases max out at ten bucks. Playing through Fortune Hunter can unlock some special items in Uncharted 4 if you happen to have a PS4 and a copy of the game. At the moment the Android version seems a bit flaky - many Play Store reviews say it won't boot, and I'm seeing an infinite "downloading updates" screen on my Nexus 6.