T-Mobile is moving forward with its Uncarrier plans, and things are getting weird now that all the low-hanging fruit is taken care of. The carrier has done away with contracts, added data stash, and offered free movie and music streaming data. Now, it's just going to start giving stuff away, even little pieces of the company.

This news comes by way of Evan "evleaks" Blass at VentureBeat, who has a good record of getting T-Mobile news ahead of time. The new Uncarrier campaign will apparently be promoted with the #GetThanked hashtag. Most of the giveaways will take place in the new T-Mobile Tuesdays app, which will earn subscribers weekly freebies like pizzas from Domino's or a Vudu movie rental. There will also be some larger prizes raffled off like trips to events and gift cards.

More interesting is T-Mobile's apparent plan to give subscribers a little piece of the company itself. According to the leak, you'll be able to claim a quarter share of T-Mobile stock for every post-paid line of service, but you have to claim it within two weeks of the Uncarrier event. That's supposed to happen early next month, so keep an eye out around then.