On the scale of meh to super duper exciting, this Google+ 7.8 version update falls low, really low. Unless you get excited about bug fixes, which I know is a legit reason to love an update if a specific bug had been ruining the app for you, but is as dry and drab a topic to read about as a 0.1 pH change in a cleaning solution, you can pretty much say that nothing significant has changed.

I know I'm telling you to close this tab and go read something else, but since you're still here and you're clearly interested in the littlest changes Google introduces in its apps, I'll satisfy your curiosity. Back in 7.7, Google+ changed the new posts notification, moving it to the top of the screen and coloring it a bright red. Now that change has been reverted. In 7.8, the notification is grey again and back on the bottom of the screen, where it's closer to your thumb. How exciting!

The other life-altering change is the addition of three shortcuts to other Google apps in the side menu: Google Photos, Hangouts, and Google Search. These do nothing but throw you into the corresponding app. If these don't show up for you directly, be patient because they might need a server-side flip to display for everyone.

I'm not sure these two changes warrant an entire .1 version jump, but this is where we're at. If you want the latest version and it's not live on the Play Store for you yet, you can grab it from APK Mirror.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free