It's one thing to hop behind the wheel and go where life takes you. It's another thing to go where T-Pain takes you. But now you have that option.

Waze has added T-Pain as its latest navigation voice option. His distinctive sound comes a few weeks after drivers started choosing to hear their instructions from Shaq.

To choose a voice, head to Sound > Voice Language under settings. There you will see that Colonel Sanders, too, is an option. And if you really must have your directions sung to you, you can also choose to have them uttered by a generic boy band.

Screenshot_20160504-142730 Screenshot_20160504-142736

Both of those options were prior additions. Today's news is all about T-Pain. With his voice in your ear, and depending on what you're driving, you might feel like all you do is win on a boat, if only until you reach your destination.