Love it or hate it, T-Mobile's crusade against other wireless carriers, has given us a lot of chuckles, maybe some good laughs, and probably a healthy dose of groans and cringes. This last attempt, I think, falls on the innocuous side of the equation, quirky enough to be interesting for us to cover without being too distasteful or annoying.

Writing on T-Mobile's blog, John Legere compared AT&T to the Evil Empire and cited its dark methods of detaining customers and its pathological need to dominate and control and keep everything secret as the reason why its powers are akin to the Death Star. Well, that and the logo is eerily similar, isn't it?

So on this blessed May the Fourth be with you day, T-Mobile is releasing a Chrome extension that replaces all instances of "AT&T" that it can find in any webpage you browse with "The DeATTh Star," in blue, and with a small Death Star drawing right before it. If you want to try it out for yourself, I suggest you download the extension and quickly head over to for some priceless gems like, "Find support articles, videos, and tools for all The DeATTh Star services," "The DeATTh Star Trade-In Program," "Get the All-New Samsung Galaxy S7 at The DeATTh Star," and "U-Verse with The DeATTh Star GigaPower."

Dare to venture into AT&T's About Us page, and you'll find even more. "The DeATTh Star and SunPower Collaborate on Solar IoT Connectivity in the United States" sounds creepily annihilistic, and "The DeATTh Star Announces Preliminary Results of 2016 Annual Meeting" makes me anxious about the content of that announcement.

How... oddly appropriate. I wish I was making these up.