GoPro acquired iOS video editing apps Replay and Splice at the beginning of March and was quick to develop an Android version of Replay, which it renamed Quik and released as a beta a couple of months ago. Now the app is shedding the beta tag and getting its first official public release for everyone on the Play Store.

Quik lets you select photos and videos from your device's storage or Google Photos library, then it analyzes them and automatically trims the best moments from videos and focuses on faces to reframe photos. You can still do that manually though if you prefer. Quik then chooses one of 28 styles, adds transitions, filters, graphics, and sounds from a collection of 70 included tracks or your own music library, and syncs the beat to the photo and video transitions.


The resulting video can be saved to your gallery in 720p and 1080p or shared to different apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, or email. The app will also prepare weekly recap videos every Sunday and serve them to you to save or share.

Quik is free on the Play Store and you don't need a GoPro to use it. It'll work with any photo or video you have taken, regardless of the camera or phone you shot it with.