The LG G5 has been out for a few weeks and it hasn't exactly been a big hit. The $700 price tag certainly isn't helping, either. There's a sizable discount on the international dual SIM variant on eBay right now that seems like a much more reasonable deal. It's just $574.99 and it'll work on any GSM/LTE network; two of them at the same time, actually.

2016-05-04 10_14_28-New LG G5 H860N 5 3_ GSM Factory Unlocked 32GB Dual Sim Smartphone Modular Type

The band situation is a little unusual for an unlocked phone. There's no band 12 LTE for T-Mobile, but it does have every other LTE band you could want. Plus, there's AWS 3G for T-Mobile, which many unlocked phones lack. AT&T is completely covered. You could even have SIM cards for both carriers in the phone at the same time. The hardware is otherwise the same as you'd get with the US G5 variants.

The phone is available in gold and titan (dark gray) with free shipping in the US. It will also ship internationally for an additional fee. Tax is due only in New York.