Google Wallet is nearing the end of its rope and Android Pay has risen to take its place as everyone's favorite online and in-store payment method. Apps have started rolling support for Android Pay and Uber is no exception. Users of the app who have previously used Google Wallet to pay for a ride are getting emails from Uber telling them that the payment method will no longer be supported starting May 9.

Instead, they can now add Android Pay to, erm, pay for rides. Along with a credit/debit card and Paypal, this will be the third payment option available to users of Uber.


You don't need to update the Uber app in order to see the Android Pay payment method available, you just need to tap on Payment method when paying for a ride to see the Android Pay option. Note: if it doesn't show up immediately, try switching away from the app and coming back to it. Uber will offer $10 off your first ride when using Android Pay.

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  • Cris Castillon

Uber - Request a ride
Uber - Request a ride