Like all social networks, Twitter is only fun and useful if you follow people who say things you're interested in. How you find those people is the tricky part. Starting today, Twitter is rolling out a new Connect tab on iOS and Android that allegedly makes it easier to find the right people and accounts to follow.

Connect will use signals like what accounts you follow, tweets you like, current events, and where you are to list accounts you might want to follow. Importantly, it will actually tell you why it thinks a particular account is a good match. The connect tab will also be home to Twitter's address book upload feature (so you can find people you know in real life). Twitter provided a GIF demo, but it's iOS.


The new Connect tab is rolling to everyone, but it's not clear if an app update will be needed. The fact that both platforms are happening simultaneously makes me think it'll be server-side. When Connect is available, you'll find it in the overflow menu or at the top (the add contact icon). This will vary based on which version of the app UI you have, because that makes a lot of sense, Twitter.