Humble Bundle ended its bi-weekly mobile deals a while back, but there's still a new Android bundle every now and then. Like right now, for example. You can get up to eight Android games, with more on the way. You just have to jump on the deal before it expires in two weeks.

This is one of Humble Bundle's three-tier deals. If you pay $1 or more, you get three games: Freeze 2, Evoland, and Adventures of Eco. If you pay above the average price at the time of purchase, the bundle also unlocks, Rebuild 3, Broken Sword Ep 1, and Goat Simulator GoatZ. Paying over $7 gets you Broken Sword Ep 2 and This War of Mine.

In order to get the still-unannounced games when they become available, you'll need to be in the middle tier by paying above the average. All games can be downloaded directly without DRM, and your payment can be split up however you like between Humble Bundle, charity, and the developers.