Mother's Day is coming, and Motorola thinks you should give a Moto X Pure to the woman that raised you.

To help out, Motorola is taking $100 off the device. That brings the base model down from an already reasonable $399.99 to a more compelling $299.99. The 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models are all on sale. All you have to do to fulfill your end of the deal is help the company make money by clicking the buy button. lets you customize your phone using MotoMaker. If you don't particularly care about changing colors and such, you can snag the device from the likes of Amazon and Best Buy (except Amazon is selling the phone for $50 off, not $100). B&H, though, is the place to go. There you will get $50 credit to spend at the store plus a bunch of other goodies, including a 64GB microSD card, a tripod, a mount, and a selfie stick.

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