I'm working on an article about 5G - it is becoming increasingly, exasperatingly long - and one of the major themes I'm finding is that new mobile technology is often touted as being the silver bullet for a problem with existing technology. For example: my AT&T LTE service here in Los Angeles sucks, like sub-1Mbps up and down speeds outside not next to a tall building. I've started using HSPA+ more and more just to avoid LA's ultra-congested AT&T LTE network - it's that bad in my area. 5G, of course, promises to fix all of this (I won't get into the hows and whys here - that's what the article is for).

So I got to thinking: how common is my experience? Is your mobile data quite mobile indeed, or is your 4G (or 3G) more like 4-gah? This weekend's poll is all about our subjective satisfaction, so there are no pesky numbers to deal with. Just vote your feelings, and discuss in the comments below.

How satisfied are you with your mobile data speeds?

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