Say what you will about the latest crop of Android Wear devices, but it would be hard to call any of them "feminine." Even with gold-plated bodies or thin bands, the chunky or boxy nature of the watches mean that they don't easily conform to the current designs of women's conventional watches. (For my money, the most svelte looking Android Wear device right now is the Asus Zenwatch 2.) But Huawei is willing to give it a shot: a few months ago we caught wind of two new variants of the Huawei Watch, the "Jewel" and the "Elegant," and now it appears both of them will soon be available in the US.

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The Huawei Watch Jewel and Huawei Watch Elegant are both identical to the original model in terms of electronics. But they feature a more feminine design, including a rounded, textured crown button (at the same 2 o'clock position) and textured leather bands in blue or white. It isn't immediately clear whether those bands are any thinner than the regular model. The Elegant has a raised bezel built into the metal casing (plated "rose gold"), while the Jewel one-ups the design with zirconia stones surrounding the circular display. (If you're not a big jewelry buff, laser-cut zirconia is mostly used as a substitute or imitation for diamond.)

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Best Buy, Newegg, and B&H Photo are all selling the Huawei Watch Elegant and Huawei Watch Jewel with white and blue bands for each. Best Buy is selling the Elegant model for $449.99, which Newegg matches, and the latter also has the Jewel for $549.99. Both are marked as "$50 off" the retail price. B&H has them for $499.99 and $599.99 respectively, but will include a $50 gift card with the purchase. Best Buy says that both models are available online now, but the other two retailers are selling pre-orders for a May 3rd (Tuesday) release. Any takers?

Note: Best Buy's listing has the Elegant model mislabeled as the Jewel, but the price is correct.