Sphero's tiny, motorized BB-8 droid (based on the company's well-known ball robot design) was the Star Wars toy to have when Episode VII hit theaters last year. It's become less of a hot commodity since then, but Sphero keeps adding new things to do with the toy, and now you can actually find it on store shelves. The miniature astromech was just a little past the impulse buy range at $150 retail, though it looks like most retailers have taken it down to $130 or so. Today Amazon has the toy for even less.

The BB-8 toy and its wireless charging base are now down to $120 even, thirty bucks off of the original retail price. (Remember that you'll need a phone or tablet running Android or iOS to use as a controller, just like the original Sphero.) It's available with free two-day shipping for Prime members, but it's still expensive enough that it should qualify for free shipping anyway. The main Amazon listing is charging sales tax in California, but it looks like another merchant (also with Prime) is selling it for the same price with no tax. Nice.

The Sphero can be remote controlled in its default mode, and it includes some rudimentary autonomous functions like voice control and various movie-style boops and beeps. A software update to the controller app made it possible for BB-8 to "watch" Episode VII with its owners, reacting to the on-screen scenes from the movie. There's no indication of when the price will go back up, but bargain hunters might want to wait until the Rogue One toys start hitting shelves... and collectors deplete their disposable income.