Most of you who pay much attention to the bluetooth speaker market know that Ultimate Ears, a.k.a UE, makes good stuff. While the UE Boom and related Boom variants are pretty well-known, the Roll is a nice, albeit quirkier member of the product line. What sets it apart, other than the smaller size, is that it is also waterproof and designed to be strapped onto whatever you want to. If the sticker price of $100 was too steep for you, then give it another look while it's discounted to $49.99 at Best Buy.

For a full rundown of the device, check out our review. To make a long story short, Cam was a fan. One thing that may not occur to you about the design, though, is how it affects the distribution of the sound. Being round and upward facing, the sound is evenly spread 360 degrees around. This is something that you may not think about until you have a speaker that only faces a certain direction and you can't get it to sound right in every part of the room you're in.


This is the cheapest we've seen the Roll, which was at $69.99 earlier this year at Amazon and has stayed there since.

At the time of posting, all the color variants were available at the discounted price. An added bonus with this deal is that Best Buy will ship it to you, "expedited," for free in most locations in the US. From the looks of it, that means 2-day shipping, though it won't go out until Monday. You can do in-store pickup as well if you have one nearby.