It's always fun when the newest flagships start seeing their prices drop, but this deal on a brand new 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is not just a price drop–it's a steal. At $629, it's a full $150 less than the price you'd pay to T-Mobile or the like. You can get it a little cheaper on Amazon, at $752, but this deal is still over $120 better than that.

Even better, this isn't some fly-by-night seller that you have to worry about. It's Newegg, of selling legitimate electronics fame. There are a few things to note about this listing, though.

First, it's the G935F model, meaning it's the international edition. That does mean it's unlocked, but also that it will only work on GSM carriers (sorry Sprint and Verizon). You're also getting an Exynos SoC rather than the Qualcomm hardware you get in the US variants. At the time of writing, only black and gold are available.

Best of all, shipping is free to US buyers. The exact location where they are shipping from is not disclosed–Newegg says they have warehouses all over the country, so they may choose wherever is closest to you.

These probably won't last long, so get buying.