I like managing local files. I like copying data over to flash drives and moving them around regardless of whether I have Internet access. I like knowing I can cram a stick of flash memory into my device and access files that wouldn't fit on internal storage.

But I don't like cables. They take up excess space, and they look like a mess. As much as I enjoy transferring files, plugging one device into another using a cable still strikes me as tedious.

A microUSB OTG flash drive is a nice workaround. With a microUSB port on one end and a traditional USB port on the other, you can move files around without dealing with tangles, and you can carry a backup around in your pocket.

Right now you can get a Corsair OTG stick for $22.99, its lowest price on Amazon yet. As these three camels show us, this stick cost between $30 and $50 before now.

This comes with 64GB of storage. There are smaller sizes to choose from at lower prices, but really, this is the one you want.