During its earning call last night, Nintendo announced that Miitomo has had 10 million users since its release in March, with 20 million 'Miifotos' created and 300 million conversations started. To celebrate reaching the 10 million mark, the company has announced a 10-day promotional period, lasting from April 29 till May 8. There's no word on what this will involve, but I wouldn't be surprised if users can win exclusive, limited-edition clothes for their Mii, or something of that ilk.

The Japanese game company also announced two new mobile games to build on the success of Miitomo. One game is based on the Fire Emblem series, while the other is based on Animal Crossing. Nintendo has not provided names for these games just yet, but says they are planned for release this fall. According to Nintendo's PR release, the Fire Emblem game will be 'more accessible' than the franchise's games for dedicated gaming consoles, while the Animal Crossing game will link in to games on Nintendo's game consoles, such as the Wii or the 3DS. We kinda already knew more games were coming, because Nintendo had said so just under a year ago, so this news hasn't exactly come as a massive surprise.

This sounds very good, but I think what we're all waiting for is Mario Kart on Android. Nevertheless, after a bit of a slump post-Wii U, it seems like Nintendo is getting back on track, which is great to see.