Google sold Motorola to Lenovo at the end of 2014, but now it's getting a small piece of it back—the CEO. Lenovo recently announced a reorganization of its mobile business. This included the departure of Moto's CEO Rick Osterloh, and now we know why. Osterloh has come back to Google where he will lead a new hardware team that's responsible for Nexus, Chromecast, Glass, and more.

Osterloh is joining Google as a Senior Vice President and will report directly to CEO Sundar Pichai. He will be pulling together many of Google's scattered hardware projects including Nexus devices, Chromecast, OnHub, ATAP (eg. Tango and Ara), Glass, and consumer hardware (eg. Chromebooks). Osterloh won't have anything to do with the hardware that was split off into new Alphabet companies in last year's reorganization like Nest.

Google isn't offering any specifics on Osterloh's goals now that he's in charge of hardware, but it would be nice if Google's products had a bit more direction. Let's hope that's what we get.