Need a router? Maybe you've found yourself with renewed interest in the OnHub now that Google has added a modicum of home automation functionality with IFTTT. It's still hard to justify the $200 price, but it's a little cheaper on Amazon today. The OnHub virtually never goes on sale, but it's about $20 off currently. That brings the price to $179.87.

The OnHub is a dual-band 802.11ac WiFi router with an array of 13 antennas designed to support more devices with fewer connectivity issues. It also has a fantastic management app in the Play Store that makes it easy to monitor your network activity and prioritize devices.

This sale is valid only on the standard blue shrouded model. The black one is still $200. Even at $180 it is more expensive than many competing devices, and I'm personally annoyed the USB port doesn't do anything yet. Still some people say it's the most stable router they've ever used.

The Asus OnHub just dropped to $180 on Amazon as well.