Twitter has a bit of a love/hate relationship with mobile platforms and Android in particular. On the one hand, it's so aggressively possessive and wants an exclusive relationship devoid of any third-parties, on the other it updates its apps at a nice pace and adds new features to them. Oh well, it did let Android users hang behind iOS more than once, but we're not holding grudges.

After adding a share button to send tweets as Direct Messages, Twitter is working on another feature to make DMs easier to use in its app: Direct Share support on Marshmallow. So just like you can immediately send a photo to a specific WhatsApp contact or a link to one Pushbullet device, you can now share those or any random data from other apps directly to a Twitter DM conversation. In the screenshot above, you can see that the Share Menu shows the last 3 DM chats for one-tap sending.

We're not exactly sure how new this option is. It started showing up for Artem now (he's part of the beta testing group), but it may be part of a larger interface revamp that Twitter is testing. Let us know if you see these Direct Share DM chats on your device or if you've been seeing them for a while already. And if you're not, be patient. It might be a while before this rolls out to everyone.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
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