It's hard to predict which games among the hundreds of thousands in the Play Store will hit the sweet spot and become a sensation. Taichi Panda, Snail Games' Diablo-style dungeon crawler, is a good example. Since its release a little over a year ago it's gained over five million downloads and an impressive audience of frequent players both free and paid. After a successful soft launch period, the developer is returning to its anthropomorphic well with a sequel called Taichi Panda: Heroes.

The hook in Heroes is that each player now controls his or her own team of vaguely mystic martial artists, not just a single character. Not only does this open up avenues for collection mechanics and multiple levelling trees at once (there's two hits for Free To Play Bingo), it allows for a more balanced approach to the game's dungeons and bosses. The developers have stepped up the visual presentation from the already-pretty original, but be aware that this kind of heavy 3D game will tax your phone or tablet and drain its battery quickly.

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The single player sections of Heroes eventually open up to cooperative dungeons and player-versus-player brawls, where the choice of heroes and skills in your party will become critical to success. Taichi Panda: Heroes keeps the original's surprisingly tight controls (and some unique auto-play elements that make RPG combat much easier on a touchscreen). The art style is a bit generic, and despite the Dreamworks inspiration, this most certainly isn't a game for kids - most of the female characters seem to be running around in armored lingerie. Hey, at least it's consistent with other online fantasy games.

The free-to-play elements are pushed hard in Taichi Panda: Heroes, but the original game was known as one that was at least playable for free without an inordinate amount of grind. Give it a try if you want a stylish online RPG with plenty of multiplayer content.

Taichi Panda: Heroes
Taichi Panda: Heroes
Developer: Snail Games USA Inc
Price: Free+