What do you do when your phone is running low on battery and you must make a phone call because the wife expects you to do some grocery shopping before you get home or because your tummy has started rumbling and your only path to salvation is through the gooey cheese-stuffed crusts of a pepperoni pizza?

Well, you either whip out your speed rapping skills that you innately acquired that very moment to blast through an entire conversation in a few seconds, or you wish you were using an ASUS Zenfone Max with its 5000mAh battery to never, ever, have that problem in the first place. But it's not the second boring scenario we're looking at here, it's the first one with speed rapper Mac Lethal lending his tongue gymnastics to ASUS' ad. The result is entertaining, if not funny, and creative. Here's the first video shot with hidden cameras inside a supermarket:

And the second video with Mac Lethal placing a pizza order to a befuddled employee. No, I don't know what pizza he was trying to order nor if he could have made the whole process faster by just using Domino's Zero Click app. I don't like this second video as much as the first, but it's OK I guess.

And finally, here's a short behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of both videos with Mac Lethal.