Nextbit pre-announced its big April update a few weeks ago, and now it's starting to hit devices. Not only does this bump the device up to the current version of Android with new security patches, it includes tweaks to the camera that apparently make it much faster and better.

Here's what Nextbit says you can expect out of the update.

  • Marshmallow 6.0.1, including the April security patch and of course the expanded emoji set.
  • Additional processor tuning bringing you better battery life and better performance.
  • New camera tuning and a completely overhauled camera app for faster (much faster), better pictures.
  • All new sound tuning at the driver level by Arkamys. Now Robin sounds clearer both through the built-in dual speakers and the headset jack - even when you have the volume cranked up.

When I reviewed the Robin, one of my main issues was the camera. It produced okay images, but the shutter lag was terrible. I've had a chance to use the new software briefly, and the camera does seem much improved. Shutter lag is now much more reasonable, and I feel like low-light images are less fuzzy. You'll have to try it for yourself, though. This update includes refined performance and sound as well. The update should be on all devices soon.

There's also a new pair of custom AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones available from the Nextbit store. They're $225 and have a pretty mint cable, if that's your thing. In addition, AIAIAI and Nextbit are collaborating on a series of ringtones, the first two of which are available for download right now—they're actually pretty good.