Minecraft isn't the first game you think about when you hear the word "immersion." No, it's the first one you think of when you hear "surprisingly popular," or "construction-based," or "Notch made more money than Solomon's divorce lawyer." But even so, it's been tied to the new virtual reality trend more than once, most notably thanks to new owner Microsoft's HoloLens platform. That said, a little platform competition isn't going to keep them from making ungodly amounts of money, so check out Minecraft for Samsung's Gear VR headsets.

The announcement was made on developer Mojang's blog. Apparently Android users are getting a special VR version of the building and crafting game because it's already in the works for the PC-based Oculus Rift, which shares a lot of software tech with Samsung's Gear VR thanks to a strategic partnership. That's right, Minecraft is so non-judgmental that it's breaking new ground in three separate platforms at the same time! The special Gear VR version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is already in the proprietary Oculus Store for seven bucks, accessible from the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge, or Note 5, and all their innumerable variants. 

Because even the Pocket Edition of Minecraft is more complex than the usual VR tech demo, and you obviously can't use a phone's touchscreen while it's strapped to your face, playing it in VR needs to be done with an external controller. Any Bluetooth controller should do, so long as it's compatible with Android's default controller profile. Presumably Minecraft: Gear VR Edition will be updated along the same basic (and frequent) schedule as the regular Pocket Edition for Android. Happy mining.