Remember the Gear Fit? More than two years ago, everyone was excited to check it out because it was the first fitness tracker to feature a curved display that was supposed to hug your wrist and not look completely weird on it. The hype only lasted a couple of months as Samsung released wearable upon wearable dragging the Gear Fit into oblivion by sheer intra-brand competition. It seems that the concept wasn't completely abandoned though as Samsung is gearing up (oh snap!) to release a second generation of the product.

According to Evan Blass (aka Evleaks), the Gear Fit 2 should be more curved and thus more ergonomic to wear, and it'll also have a GPS chipset to allow for more data tracking while running or biking for example.

However, I'm personally more interested in the second part of this leak: the Gear IconX. This is a set of completely wireless earbuds that are very similar in design and features to Bragi's The Dash, which I am testing right now. Evan says that they should be water and dust-resistant, have a touch-enabled interface for controls, ship with a carry case, and come with 4GB of onboard storage for those instances where you don't want to or can't stream music over Bluetooth. Like underwater, I suppose. There's no telling if they have activity tracking features by themselves, but that's honestly one aspect of The Dash that I almost never use.

The thing that excites me most about the IconX is that they look smaller than The Dash so they might fit my ears better. I will have to wait to find out though, because Evan's leak didn't include any specific timeline or prices.