Android TV may not have caught like wildfire, but it's still an affordable and interesting set-top box offering. If you've already bought a Nexus Player or SHIELD TV unit for example and you've been met by glares from a couple of your family members who own iPhones and iPads and can't control the darn thing with their devices, then you're in for a small surprise today.

Almost two years after it first unveiled Android TV, Google is now releasing the corresponding remote control application to the iTunes App Store. The app looks exactly like the Android app we all know and works in the same way. You should be on the same WiFi network as your Android TV to connect, then you can use the D-pad or touchpad to control the TV. Voice commands and a keyboard are available too, as well as an easily accessible Play/Pause button.

The app is free and compatible with both iPhones and iPads. So if you have any of these devices in your household, you can now use them to manage your Android TV.

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