So you like the idea of Netflix but you find the prospect of setting up monthly billing with another company tedious and annoying. Maybe you don't own a credit/debit card and maybe you don't want someone else dipping into your bank account each month. Then Netflix' upcoming feature might be interesting to you.

The Android app has been updated on the Play Store with a new permission: "In-app purchases." The feature isn't live yet, but the changelog says that soon, you'll be able to subscribe to Netflix via Google Play Billing. This means that you'll have the option to pay for Netflix through the Play Store instead of setting up a payment with the service directly, thus centralizing your purchases. But for now, all you can do is install Netflix and wait until another update or server-side switch enables the feature.


Bug fixes
Coming soon: Subscribe for Netflix via Google Play Billing (new permission required).

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+