Facebook wants you to share more - specifically, more photos and videos. With that in mind, the Wall Street Journal is today reporting that Facebook is working on a dedicated camera app to compete with the likes of Snapchat and Periscope, who are stealing the limelight away from Facebook's much-touted video platform.

The app would allow users to share photos to Facebook more easily and quickly than is currently possible - it's easy through Messenger, but sharing to your Timeline is a little more convoluted - plus stream live video with the tap of a button. Live video is of course new for Facebook, having launched on Android in February. It's pretty obvious Facebook wants to take on Twitter's Periscope, which is currently the king of live video streaming.

Facebook has had a difficult time regarding cameras on Android. In version 1.9 of its app, Facebook added camera and messenger shortcuts, then revised the icons after complaints that they were too similar to Android's own icons, then removed the shortcuts altogether less than a fortnight later. It's probably hoping this time that success is more forthcoming. Time will tell, although with millennials using Facebook less and less, it might prove to be a tough sell.