For the designers in our audience, I'm back with another quick Sketch resource to download - this time, it's a sticker sheet for N-style notifications. There are eight variations, plus a simple frame to stick your sample notifications in.

Android N's notifications actually follow a very predictable style so far. There's a header line, which usually has an icon, app name, some secondary identifying info, time, and an expand/collapse toggle, and then there are two lines of text. The top line is primary messaging or identifying info (like a message-sender's name) and the second line is a secondary message, explanation, or text preview. To the right there's an area for a preview or avatar.

Once you expand the notification, things get interesting - media controls can expand and fall into place, an image preview may appear, message text may roll out, and sometimes you get actions like share, reply, or delete.

I think I've covered most of the bases with these simple examples, but even if you're looking for something more custom they should serve as a good starting point to quickly whip up some notification examples for your app.

The sketch file targets xxhdpi resolution, since that's what I normally work with while doing mockups. The layouts are flexible, too - if you need to add more lines of text to a message preview, just scoot the "actions" bar group down to make room, keeping the same distance between the last line of text and the bar as in the sample. Swap out extra actions in the media controls. Change colors. Go crazy! 😛

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.02.42 AM

Hit the download link to grab the file.