The way I understand it, Game Of Thrones is a TV show where every character that you love or hate dies, where people get terrified when Winter is coming, and where dragons and nudes cater to every person's weird and unfulfilled fantasies. Or something. I want to watch the show, but I can't handle all the suspense, so I'm going to wait until the last season starts and then binge watch it until I forget what daylight is and what real people do.

The Game of Thrones Android game is a different story though. It's an adventure game developed by Telltale, which has made a name for itself in this genre thanks to intriguing scripts and excellent voice acting. Its Game of Thrones title is set in the same world as the TV show, but asks you to play as one of the Forrester family members as they struggle to survive through the War of the Five Kings.

The first episode of the game is free, but the 5 subsequent episodes cost $4.99 each. This week, however, according to Telltale's updated game description, you can get each of these episodes for $1.99 (60% off) or the entire season pass with episodes 2 through 6 for $4.99 instead of $19.99 (75% off). That's probably to celebrate the start of the new season of the TV series.

We're not sure if the offer applies worldwide, but give it a go and let us know if you see a discounted price in your neck of the woods too.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
Developer: Telltale Games
Price: Free+
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